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Trusted by sport.

Informed-Sport is a quality assurance programme for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry and supplement manufacturing facilities. The programme certifies that all nutritional supplements and (or) ingredients that bear the Informed-Sport logo have been quality reviewed and that every batch is tested for banned substances by the world class sports anti-doping lab, LGC.

BokPulse is proud to bear this logo as a promise to you that we are committed to creating safe and healthy performance nutrition.

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SportsConsult Nutrition is proud to offer the new BokPulse range of nutritional products. Whether you’re starting out or already competing with the best of the best, BokPulse provides you with a full spectrum of scientifically formulated performance nutrition that is powerful and safe enough for elite players while also catering for those who enjoy an active lifestyle.

SportsConsult, in partnership with DuPont, have meticulously formulated each of the four products in the BokPulse range to comply with stringent World Anti-Doping Agency regulations. The product addresses the need of the modern athlete who wants to perform at their best by ensuring sufficient replenishment of energy and optimal recovery. From the breakfast run through to locker-room snacking and refueling, the BokPulse range is safe, convenient and quick to use whenever you need it.

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BokPro is a protein that is used in the BokPulse Shakes. Uniquely created for BokPulse, this is a good source of native micellar casein and whey proteins in the same ratio as found naturally in milk. BokPro has an excellent nutritional profile and is regarded as a complete protein, it is rich in essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Amino acids have important roles to play in human metabolism; they provide substrates for protein synthesis, suppress protein catabolism and serve as substrates for gluconeogenesis.


BokPro PLUS is a functional whey protein isolate derived from sweet whey. It too has an excellent nutritional profile with high digestibility and rapid absorption upon intake. The amino acid composition is very similar to human skeletal muscle protein with a high percentage being made up of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) (>25%). BCAAs have an anti-catabolic effect, which protects muscle tissue and reduces the breakdown of protein. BokPro PLUS also preserves glycogen stores, assists with the nitrogen balance and can be metabolised as a source of energy. Hydrolysed whey proteins are rapidly absorbed and exhibit low allergenicity. Calcium and bioactive components in the whey have a synergistic role which accelerates and attenuates lipolysis that can result in an increased lean body mass. This protein is a rich source of essential BCAA, leucine, which is regarded as a key stimulus to initiate muscle synthesis, and it is a source of bio-available cysteine, which plays important role in glutathione synthesis in the body

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